Product Line

TCOB Monitoring System


Real-time Monitoring, Scalable and Expandable
Monitors changes in temperature, humidity, pressure or any other physical parameters in real-time 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Add new monitoring points easily. Each channel can be individually configurable.

Wide Variety of System Configurations
Chamber name assignment, setting alarm thresholds, per channel upper/lower limits, per graph comments and chamber status indicator (e.g. Active, Alarm, Under Maintenance and Inactive). Allows sampling to as low as 1s interval. Projection of display to TV on wall or ceiling, showing color coded temperature conditions at a glance.

Alarm Notification Management
The system logs all alarm notifications. The user can acknowledge and make comments on disposition decision, then close the notification. Alarm notification can trigger the user by email, SMS or phone call, or tower light/buzzer.

Intuitive and User Friendly Graphical User Interface
Display screen show color coded chamber conditions at a glance. A point and click interface for easy system configuration. Graph can be displayed as slideshow.

Data Analysis
An accompanying offline data analysis software loads and analyze monitoring trends with minimum, maximum and standard deviation calculation.