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Mega Etch
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Mega Etch

Mega Etch

Board Level Acid Decapsulation System - with ESD

MEGA ETCH Dual Acid Decapsulation

MEGA ETCH is an Automated Mixed Acid Decapsula- tor, with advanced feature integration to enable high productivity. This Decapsulator easily and rapidly opens even the most delicate COB packages by deliv- ering precise, micro-aliquots of nitric, sulfuric, or acid mixes to the package with no sample damage.
The delivery of each micro-aliquot is done with suf- ficient pressure to create extreme turbulence in the etched cavity that greatly accelerates the rate of en- capsulant removal. Very low, precise acid tempera- tures, combined with high micro-aliquot delivery rates allow for the decapsulation of copper wired devices with no wire or metallization damage. An exclusive acid delivery function can be selected that delivers the highest pulse rate possible while consuming less than maximum acid volumes. The specially designed acid heat exchanger can accurately control acid tempera- ture down to 10oC and up to 250oC, with flow rates to 8 ml. per minute using pulse mode. Such high acid pulse rates achieve reasonable etch times even at the lowest temperatures.

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